China Good quality 5307zz Premium Sealed Double Row Angular Contact Ball Bearing 5307 Zz 2RS Rz C3 35X80X34.9mm for Textile Machinery Bearings with Best Sales

Product Description

5307ZZ Premium Sealed Double Row Angular Contact Ball Bearing 5307 ZZ 2RS RZ C3 35x80x34.9mm For Textile machinery bearings

– Single row and double row
– Open and sealed types
– Chrome steel, ceramic or hybrid materials
– Polyamide, steel, and brass cage assemblies
– 6000 series:604.605.606.607.608.609.6000.6001.6002.6003.6004.6005.6006.6007.6008.6009.6571.6011.6012
– 6200 series: 624.625.626.627.628.629.6200.6201.6202.6203.6204.6205.6206.6207.6208.6209.6210.6211.6212
– 6300 series:634.635.636.637.638.639.6300.6301.6302.6303.6304.6305.6306.6307.6308.6309.6310.6311.6312
– 6400 series:6403.6404.6405.6406.6407.6408.6409.6410.6411.6412.6413.6414.6415.6416.6417.6418.6419.6420
– 6700 series:673.674.675.676.677.678.679.6700.6701.6702.6703.6704.6705
– 6800 series:685.686.687.688.689.6800.6801.6802.6803.6804.6805.6806.6807.6808.6809.6810.6811.6812
– 6900 series:695.696.697.698.699.6900.6901.6902.6903.6904.6905.6906.6907.6908.6909.6910.6911.6912
– 16000 series:16001.16002.16003.16004.16005.16006.16007.16008.16009.16571.16011.16012.16013.16014


 Cross-reference of Deep Groove Ball Bearings

Description Interchange
NSK Deep Groove Ball Bearings SKFbearing  Deep Groove Ball Bearings NTN Deep Groove Ball Bearings
Part Number Inch R00 R00 R00 R00
Extra small 600 600 600 600
Extra Light 6000 6000 6000 6000
Light 6200 6200 6200 6200
Medium 6300 6300 6300 6300
Extra thin section 6800 61800 61800 6800
Very thin section 6900 61900 61900 6900
Thin section 16000 16000 16000
Maximum capacity, light BL200 200 200 BL200
Maximum capacity, medium BL300 300 300 BL300
Cartridge type 63300 63300
63200 63200
Part Number Suffix Two seals (non contact) VV 2RZ LLB
Two seals (contact) DDU 2RS1 2RSR LLU
One seal (contact) DU RS1 RSR LU
Two shields ZZ 2Z 2ZR ZZ
One shield Z Z ZR Z
Snap ring NR NR NR NR
Steel cage blank J blank blank
Brass cage M M M L1
Heat stabilized 200C 28 S1 S1 PREFIx TS3
Tight clearance C2 C2 C2 C2
Normal clearance blank blank blank blank
Loose clearance C3 C3 C3 C3
Extra loose clearance C4 C4 C4 C4
Electric motor grade E QE6

Products Details

Linear bearings, manufactured at low cost, are used in limitless journeys or used to work in columns. As the loading ball contacts the shaft at a certain point, the bearing application loading capacity is quite small. With balls rotating with quite small friction resistance, high-precise level movement can be obtained. Linear bearings are widely used in precise equipment such as electronic equipment, pull measuring machines, materialization 3-D measuring equipment, etc; and slip parts of industrial machines such as multi-shaft machines, punching machines, tool grinders, auto steam cutting machines, printers, card selection machine, food packing machine and so on.

Bearing Number Bearing Number Mass (g)
604 604 ZZ 2.1
605 605 ZZ 3.5
606 606 ZZ 5.8
607 607 ZZ 7.6
608 608 ZZ 12
609 609 ZZ 15
623 623 ZZ 1.6
624 624 ZZ 2.9
625 625 ZZ 5
626 626 ZZ 8.1
627 627 ZZ 13
628 628 ZZ 18
629 629 ZZ 20
633 633 ZZ 3
634 634ZZ 5.3
635 635 ZZ 8.5
636 636 ZZ 13
637 637 ZZ 24
638 638 ZZ 29
639 639 ZZ 35

6000 DDU 6200 DDU 6300 DDU 6400 DDU
6001 DDU 6201 DDU 6301 DDU 6401 DDU
6002 DDU 6202 DDU 6302 DDU 6402 DDU
6003 DDU 6203 DDU 6303 DDU 6403 DDU
6004 DDU 6204 DDU 6304 DDU 6404 DDU
6005 DDU 6205 DDU 6305 DDU 6405 DDU
6006 DDU 6206 DDU 6306 DDU 6406 DDU
6007 DDU 6207 DDU 6307 DDU 6407 DDU
6008 DDU 6208 DDU 6308 DDU 6408 DDU
6009 DDU 6209 DDU 6309 DDU 6409 DDU
6571 DDU 6210 DDU 6310 DDU 6410 DDU
6011 DDU 6211 DDU 6311 DDU 6411 DDU
6012 DDU 6212 DDU 6312 DDU 6412 DDU
6013 DDU 6213 DDU 6313 DDU 6413 DDU
6014 DDU 6214 DDU 6314 DDU 6414 DDU
6015 DDU 6215 DDU 6315 DDU 6415 DDU
6016 DDU 6216 DDU 6316 DDU 6416 DDU
6017 DDU 6217 DDU 6317 DDU 6417 DDU
6018 DDU 6218 DDU 6318 DDU 6418 DDU
6019 DDU 6219 DDU 6319 DDU 6419 DDU
6571 DDU 6220 DDU 6320 DDU 6420 DDU


6000 ZZ 6200 ZZ 6300 ZZ 6400 ZZ
6001 ZZ 6201 ZZ 6301 ZZ 6401 ZZ
6002 ZZ 6202 ZZ 6302 ZZ 6402 ZZ
6003 ZZ 6203 ZZ 6303 ZZ 6403 ZZ
6004 ZZ 6204 ZZ 6304 ZZ 6404 ZZ
6005 ZZ 6205 ZZ 6305 ZZ 6405 ZZ
6006 ZZ 6206 ZZ 6306 ZZ 6406 ZZ
6007 ZZ 6207 ZZ 6307 ZZ 6407 ZZ
6008 ZZ 6208 ZZ 6308 ZZ 6408 ZZ
6009 ZZ 6209 ZZ 6309 ZZ 6409 ZZ
6571 ZZ 6210 ZZ 6310 ZZ 6410 ZZ
6011 ZZ 6211 ZZ 6311 ZZ 6411 ZZ
6012 ZZ 6212 ZZ 6312 ZZ 6412 ZZ
6013 ZZ 6213 ZZ 6313 ZZ 6413 ZZ
6014 ZZ 6214 ZZ 6314 ZZ 6414 ZZ
6015 ZZ 6215 ZZ 6315 ZZ 6415 ZZ
6016 ZZ 6216 ZZ 6316 ZZ 6416 ZZ
6017 ZZ 6217 ZZ 6317 ZZ 6417 ZZ
6018 ZZ 6218 ZZ 6318 ZZ 6418 ZZ
6019 ZZ 6219 ZZ 6319 ZZ 6419 ZZ
6571 ZZ 6220 ZZ 6320 ZZ 6420 ZZ


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1. FREE SAMPLES: contact us by email or trade manager, and we will send the free samples according to your request.
2. World-Class Bearing: We provide our customers with all types of bearing with world-class quality.
3. OEM or Non-Stand Bearings: Any requirement for Non-standard bearings is Easily Fulfilled by us due to our vast knowledge and links in the industry.
4. Genuine products With Excellent Quality: Company has always proved the 100% quality products it provides with genuine intent.
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8. Attending customer queries promptly: We believe that if customers is satisfied then it proves our worth well. Customers are always given quick support.

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 1)Commercial Bearings packaging: 1pc/plastic bag + color box + carton + pallet
 2)Industrial Bearings packaging 
 3)According to the requirement of customers’
 1) T/T:30% deposit, 70% should be paid before shipment.
 2) L/C at sight. (high bank charge, not suggest, but acceptable )
 3) 100% Western Union in advance. (especially for air shipment or small amount)
 1) Less than 45 KGS, we will send by express. ( Door to Door, Convenient )
 2) Between 45 – 200 KGS, we will send by air transport. ( Fastest and safest, but expensive )
 3) More than 200 KGS, we will send by sea. ( Cheapest, but long time )





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HangZhou HOJE Bearing Co.,LTD Specializing in the manufacture and sales of bearings and bearing accessories, we mainly produce deep groove ball bearings, spherical bearings with seats, tapered roller bearings, and related components. Our factory has the most advanced equipment, first-class mechanical professional and technical personnel, and one-stop automatic production from bearing raw materials to finished products. We are willing to provide excellent services for factories that produce industrial equipment, vehicles, electromechanical tools, home appliances, instrumentation, fitness equipment, leisure sports equipment, users of various types of mechanical equipment and civil machinery, and domestic and foreign traders and distributors.



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Contact Angle: 15°
Aligning: Non-Aligning Bearing
Separated: Separated
Rows Number: Double
Load Direction: Radial Bearing
Material: Bearing Steel
US$ 0/Piece
1 Piece(Min.Order)

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ball bearing

How does Preload Affect the Performance and Efficiency of Ball Bearings?

Preload is a crucial factor in ball bearing design that significantly impacts the performance, efficiency, and overall behavior of the bearings in various applications. Preload refers to the intentional axial force applied to the bearing’s rolling elements before it is mounted. This force eliminates internal clearance and creates contact between the rolling elements and the raceways. Here’s how preload affects ball bearing performance:

  • Reduction of Internal Clearance:

Applying preload reduces the internal clearance between the rolling elements and the raceways. This eliminates play within the bearing, ensuring that the rolling elements are in constant contact with the raceways. This reduced internal clearance enhances precision and reduces vibrations during operation.

  • Increased Stiffness:

Preloaded bearings are stiffer due to the elimination of internal clearance. This increased stiffness improves the bearing’s ability to handle axial and radial loads with higher accuracy and minimal deflection.

  • Minimized Axial Play:

Preload minimizes or eliminates axial play within the bearing. This is especially important in applications where axial movement needs to be minimized, such as machine tool spindles and precision instruments.

  • Enhanced Rigidity:

The stiffness resulting from preload enhances the bearing’s rigidity, making it less susceptible to deformation under load. This is critical for maintaining precision and accuracy in applications that require minimal deflection.

  • Reduction in Ball Slippage:

Preload reduces the likelihood of ball slippage within the bearing, ensuring consistent contact between the rolling elements and the raceways. This leads to improved efficiency and better load distribution.

  • Improved Running Accuracy:

Preloading enhances the running accuracy of the bearing, ensuring that it maintains precise rotational characteristics even under varying loads and speeds. This is essential for applications requiring high accuracy and repeatability.

  • Optimized Performance at High Speeds:

Preload helps prevent skidding and slipping of the rolling elements during high-speed operation. This ensures that the bearing remains stable, reducing the risk of noise, vibration, and premature wear.

  • Impact on Friction and Heat Generation:

While preload reduces internal clearance and friction, excessive preload can lead to higher friction and increased heat generation. A balance must be struck between optimal preload and minimizing friction-related issues.

  • Application-Specific Considerations:

The appropriate amount of preload depends on the application’s requirements, such as load, speed, accuracy, and operating conditions. Over-preloading can lead to increased stress and premature bearing failure, while under-preloading may result in inadequate rigidity and reduced performance.

Overall, preload plays a critical role in optimizing the performance, accuracy, and efficiency of ball bearings. Engineers must carefully determine the right preload level for their specific applications to achieve the desired performance characteristics and avoid potential issues related to overloading or inadequate rigidity.

ball bearing

How do Ceramic Ball Bearings Compare to Traditional Steel Ball Bearings in Terms of Performance?

Ceramic ball bearings and traditional steel ball bearings have distinct characteristics that can impact their performance in various applications. Here’s a comparison of how these two types of bearings differ in terms of performance:

  • Material Composition:

Ceramic Ball Bearings:

Ceramic ball bearings use ceramic rolling elements, typically made from materials like silicon nitride (Si3N4) or zirconium dioxide (ZrO2). These ceramics are known for their high hardness, low density, and resistance to corrosion and wear.

Traditional Steel Ball Bearings:

Traditional steel ball bearings use steel rolling elements. The type of steel used can vary, but common materials include chrome steel (52100) and stainless steel (440C). Steel bearings are known for their durability and strength.

  • Friction and Heat:

Ceramic Ball Bearings:

Ceramic bearings have lower friction coefficients compared to steel bearings. This results in reduced heat generation during operation, contributing to higher efficiency and potential energy savings.

Traditional Steel Ball Bearings:

Steel bearings can generate more heat due to higher friction coefficients. This can lead to increased energy consumption in applications where efficiency is crucial.

  • Weight:

Ceramic Ball Bearings:

Ceramic bearings are lighter than steel bearings due to the lower density of ceramics. This weight reduction can be advantageous in applications where minimizing weight is important.

Traditional Steel Ball Bearings:

Steel bearings are heavier than ceramic bearings due to the higher density of steel. This weight may not be as critical in all applications but could impact overall equipment weight and portability.

  • Corrosion Resistance:

Ceramic Ball Bearings:

Ceramic bearings have excellent corrosion resistance, making them suitable for applications in corrosive environments, such as marine or chemical industries.

Traditional Steel Ball Bearings:

Steel bearings are susceptible to corrosion, especially in harsh environments. Stainless steel variants offer improved corrosion resistance but may still corrode over time.

  • Speed and Precision:

Ceramic Ball Bearings:

Ceramic bearings can operate at higher speeds due to their lower friction and ability to withstand higher temperatures. They are also known for their high precision and low levels of thermal expansion.

Traditional Steel Ball Bearings:

Steel bearings can operate at high speeds as well, but their heat generation may limit performance in certain applications. Precision steel bearings are also available but may have slightly different characteristics compared to ceramics.

  • Cost:

Ceramic Ball Bearings:

Ceramic bearings are generally more expensive to manufacture than steel bearings due to the cost of ceramic materials and the challenges in producing precision ceramic components.

Traditional Steel Ball Bearings:

Steel bearings are often more cost-effective to manufacture, making them a more economical choice for many applications.

In conclusion, ceramic ball bearings and traditional steel ball bearings offer different performance characteristics. Ceramic bearings excel in terms of low friction, heat generation, corrosion resistance, and weight reduction. Steel bearings are durable, cost-effective, and widely used in various applications. The choice between the two depends on the specific requirements of the application, such as speed, precision, corrosion resistance, and budget considerations.

ball bearing

How does Lubrication Impact the Performance and Lifespan of Ball Bearings?

Lubrication plays a critical role in the performance and lifespan of ball bearings. Proper lubrication ensures smooth operation, reduces friction, minimizes wear, and prevents premature failure. Here’s how lubrication impacts ball bearings:

  • Friction Reduction:

Lubrication creates a thin film between the rolling elements (balls) and the raceways of the bearing. This film reduces friction by separating the surfaces and preventing direct metal-to-metal contact. Reduced friction results in lower energy consumption, heat generation, and wear.

  • Wear Prevention:

Lubricants create a protective barrier that prevents wear and damage to the bearing’s components. Without proper lubrication, the repeated rolling and sliding of the balls against the raceways would lead to accelerated wear, surface pitting, and eventual failure.

  • Heat Dissipation:

Lubricants help dissipate heat generated during operation. The rolling elements and raceways can generate heat due to friction. Adequate lubrication carries away this heat, preventing overheating and maintaining stable operating temperatures.

  • Corrosion Resistance:

Lubrication prevents moisture and contaminants from coming into direct contact with the bearing’s surfaces. This helps protect the bearing against corrosion, rust, and the formation of debris that can compromise its performance and longevity.

  • Noise Reduction:

Lubricated ball bearings operate quietly because the lubricant cushions and dampens vibrations caused by the rolling motion. This noise reduction is crucial in applications where noise levels need to be minimized.

  • Seal Protection:

Lubricants help maintain the effectiveness of seals or shields that protect the bearing from contaminants. They create a barrier that prevents particles from entering the bearing and causing damage.

  • Improved Efficiency:

Properly lubricated ball bearings operate with reduced friction, leading to improved overall efficiency. This is especially important in applications where energy efficiency is a priority.

  • Lifespan Extension:

Effective lubrication significantly extends the lifespan of ball bearings. Bearings that are properly lubricated experience less wear, reduced fatigue, and a lower likelihood of premature failure.

  • Selection of Lubricant:

Choosing the right lubricant is essential. Factors such as speed, temperature, load, and environmental conditions influence the choice of lubricant type and viscosity. Some common lubricant options include grease and oil-based lubricants.

  • Regular Maintenance:

Regular lubrication maintenance is crucial to ensure optimal bearing performance. Bearings should be inspected and relubricated according to manufacturer recommendations and based on the application’s operating conditions.

In summary, proper lubrication is essential for the optimal performance, longevity, and reliability of ball bearings. It reduces friction, prevents wear, dissipates heat, protects against corrosion, and contributes to smooth and efficient operation in various industrial and mechanical applications.

China Good quality 5307zz Premium Sealed Double Row Angular Contact Ball Bearing 5307 Zz 2RS Rz C3 35X80X34.9mm for Textile Machinery Bearings   with Best SalesChina Good quality 5307zz Premium Sealed Double Row Angular Contact Ball Bearing 5307 Zz 2RS Rz C3 35X80X34.9mm for Textile Machinery Bearings   with Best Sales
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