China wholesaler 6203zz RS Auto Part Motorcycle Spare Part Wheel Bearing 6200 Series Deep Groove Ball Bearing connecting rod bearing

Product Description


Product Description

Basic Info.

Model NO. 6203 Inner Diameter 17mm
Load Direction Radial Bearing Outer Diameter 40mm
Bearings Type Ball Bearing/Roller Bearing/Auto Bearing Rows Number Single
Feature Long Life, High Speed, Low Noise Material Gcr15, Chrome Steel, Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel
Precision P0 P6 P5 P4 P2 Application CNC Machine, Pump, Agriculture, Construction
Vibration Z1V1, Z2V2, Z3V3; Z4V4 Cage Steel Cage.Copper Cage.Nylon Cage
Lubrication Grease/Oil Seals Type Open/Zz/2RS
MOQ 2PCS Clearance C0 /C2/C3
Stock Rich Stocks Samples Available
Transport by Sea or by Air  Transport Package Box,Carton,Wooden Box,Plastic Tube or Per buyers requirement
Specification 17×40×12mm Trademark Allout, OEM, Neutral
Origin HangZhou,ZHangZhoug, China HS Code 8482157100
Production Capacity 200000/Month Warranty One Year

Product Description
Auto Part motorcycle spare part wheel bearing 6402 Zz 2RS Deep Groove Ball Bearing for Electrical Motor, fan,skateboard

General information of Allout deep groove ball bearing

Allout deep groove ball bearing consists of an outer ring, an inner ring, a group of steel balls and a group of cages. Deep groove ball structure is also divided into seal and open structure. The open type means that the bearing has no sealing structure. The sealed deep groove ball is divided into dust-proof seal and oil-proof seal. The dust-proof seal cover is made of steel plate, which only serves as a simple way to prevent dust from entering the bearing raceway. The oil-proof type is a contact oil seal, which can effectively prevent grease overflow in the bearing.

Technical parameter of Allout deep groove ball bearing

Model NO. Inner Diameter
Width/height Basic Load Rating(N) Limiting speed(rpm) Weight 
B C Cr Cor Grease Oil kg
623 3 10 4 4 640 220 50000 60000 0.0016
624 4 13 5 5 1150 400 40000 48000 0.003
625 5 16 5 5 1880 680 36000 43000 0.0048
626 6 19 6 6 2800 1060 32000 40000 0.008
627 7 22 7 7 3290 1360 30000 36000 0.014
628 8 24 8 8 3330 1410 28000 34000 0.016
629 9 26 8 8 4160 1780 28000 34000 0.019
6200 10 30 9 9 5110 2380 25000 30000 0.032
6201 12 32 10 10 6180 3060 22000 26000 0.037
6202 15 35 11 11 7450 3700 19000 23000 0.045
6203 17 40 12 12 9560 4780 18000 21000 0.066
6204 20 47 14 14 12840 6650 15000 18000 0.106
6205 25 52 15 15 14571 7930 14000 17000 0.128
6206 30 62 16 16 19460 11310 11000 14000 0.199
6207 35 72 17 17 25670 15300 9500 12000 0.288
6208 40 80 18 18 29520 18140 8500 1000 0.366
6209 45 85 19 19 32500 20400 8000 9500 0.398
6210 50 90 20 20 35000 23200 7500 9000 0.454
6211 55 100 21 21 43500 29200 6700 8000 0.601

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Company Profile

HangZhou Abico Bearing Co., Ltd Was Founded in 2018 and Integrates R&D, Manufacturing, Trading, Sales of Bearings, Rollers, Pulleys.

We have passed the ISO 9001: 2008, ISO 14001: 2004, CE, SGS with a factory Over 13, 000 Square Meters. We Are Specialized in Deep Groove Ball Bearings, Special Bearings.

We provide wide range of safety products such as class 0 deep groove ball bearings, stainless steel bearings, non-standard customized bearings and British R series. The main products cover 60,62, 63, 67, 68, 69 series, the annual output of more than 60 million sets of bearings. Products are widely used in household appliances, micro motors, power tools, motorcycles, automobiles, medical equipment, sports machinery and agricultural machinery and many other fields.We also accept the processing with customers’ drawings and samples.

Our products have been sold well in Europe, South America, Africa and Southeast Asia.On the basis of sincere-cooperation, equality and mutual benefit.We would like to establish long-term business relationship with customers all over the world.Good quality, competitive price, and satisfying service are our promises as a reliable trading partner.




Q1: Are you a Manufacturer or trading company?
Answer: We are professional manufactuer of bearings since 1998 with ISO standards.


Q2: Can I get a sample to check out the quality?
Answer: Sure, free samples are available for stock products if you can pay for the shipping cost.


Q3: Can you do OEM to print my logo/brand on the products?
Answer: Yes, we can print your logo/brand on the products, you just need to send us your logo/brand files, we will show you how it looks like.We can also make custom package to your request.


Q4: How soon can I expect my order to be finished?
Answer: We have regular stock for standard bearings that can be shipped right after your payment. It will take 15-60 days for new production order,which depends on your order quantity.


Q5: What if I receive defective products for my order?
Answer: All our bearings are 100% inspected strictly before packing. If any defective products received, please provide photos and video to show us the problem and help us improve the quality. New products will be sent to you as replacement if the probelm is product quality.


Field: Conveyor, Diesel Hydraulic, Pump, Car Accessories
Application: Pump, Motorcycle, Washing Machine, Car
Inner Diameter: 17
Outer Diameter: 40
Aligning: Non-Aligning Bearing
Separated: Unseparated
US$ 0/Piece
1 Piece(Min.Order)

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ball bearing

Can you Provide Examples of Industries where Ball Bearings are Crucial Components?

Ball bearings are essential components in a wide range of industries where smooth motion, load support, and precision are vital. Here are some examples of industries where ball bearings play a crucial role:

  • Automotive Industry:

Ball bearings are used in various automotive applications, including wheel hubs, transmissions, engines, steering systems, and suspension components. They provide reliable rotation and support in both passenger vehicles and commercial vehicles.

  • Aerospace Industry:

In the aerospace sector, ball bearings are found in aircraft engines, landing gear systems, control surfaces, and avionics equipment. Their ability to handle high speeds and precision is vital for aviation safety.

  • Industrial Machinery:

Ball bearings are integral to a wide range of industrial machinery, including pumps, compressors, conveyors, machine tools, printing presses, and textile machinery. They facilitate smooth operation and load distribution in these diverse applications.

  • Medical Equipment:

In medical devices and equipment, ball bearings are used in surgical instruments, imaging equipment, dental tools, and laboratory machinery. Their precision and smooth movement are crucial for accurate diagnostics and treatments.

  • Robotics and Automation:

Ball bearings are key components in robotic arms, automation systems, and manufacturing machinery. They enable precise movement, high-speed operation, and reliable performance in automated processes.

  • Renewable Energy:

Wind turbines and solar tracking systems utilize ball bearings to enable efficient rotation and tracking of the wind blades and solar panels. Ball bearings withstand the dynamic loads and environmental conditions in renewable energy applications.

  • Marine and Shipbuilding:

Ball bearings are used in marine applications such as ship propulsion systems, steering mechanisms, and marine pumps. They withstand the corrosive environment and provide reliable performance in maritime operations.

  • Heavy Equipment and Construction:

In construction machinery like excavators, bulldozers, and cranes, ball bearings support the movement of heavy loads and enable efficient operation in demanding environments.

  • Electronics and Consumer Appliances:

Consumer electronics like electric motors, computer hard drives, and household appliances rely on ball bearings for smooth motion and reliable operation.

  • Oil and Gas Industry:

In oil and gas exploration and extraction equipment, ball bearings are used in drilling rigs, pumps, and processing machinery. They handle the high loads and harsh conditions of this industry.

These examples demonstrate how ball bearings are indispensable components in various industries, contributing to the efficiency, reliability, and functionality of diverse mechanical systems and equipment.

ball bearing

What Role do Seals and Shields Play in Protecting Ball Bearings from Dirt and Debris?

Seals and shields are critical components of ball bearings that play a crucial role in protecting them from dirt, debris, moisture, and contaminants in various applications. These protective features help maintain the integrity of the bearing’s internal components and ensure reliable operation. Here’s how seals and shields contribute to bearing protection:

  • Contaminant Exclusion:

Seals and shields create a physical barrier between the external environment and the bearing’s interior. They prevent dust, dirt, water, and other contaminants from entering the bearing and coming into contact with the rolling elements and raceways.

  • Lubrication Retention:

Seals and shields help retain lubrication within the bearing. They prevent the lubricant from escaping and contaminants from entering, ensuring that the bearing remains properly lubricated for smooth operation and reduced friction.

  • Corrosion Prevention:

Seals and shields protect bearing components from exposure to moisture and corrosive substances. By preventing moisture ingress, they help extend the bearing’s lifespan by minimizing the risk of corrosion-related damage.

  • Extended Bearing Life:

Seals and shields contribute to the overall longevity of the bearing by reducing wear and damage caused by contaminants. They help maintain a clean internal environment, which promotes proper rolling contact and minimizes the risk of premature failure.

  • Enhanced Performance in Harsh Environments:

In applications exposed to harsh conditions, such as outdoor machinery or industrial settings, seals and shields are vital. They protect bearings from abrasive particles, chemicals, and extreme temperatures, ensuring reliable performance despite challenging conditions.

  • Noise and Vibration Reduction:

Seals and shields can help reduce noise and vibration generated by the bearing. They provide additional damping and stability, contributing to smoother operation and enhanced user comfort in noise-sensitive applications.

  • Customized Protection:

Manufacturers offer a variety of seal and shield designs to suit different application requirements. Some seals provide higher levels of protection against contamination, while others are designed for high-speed or high-temperature environments.

  • Trade-Offs:

While seals and shields offer significant benefits, they can also introduce some friction due to contact with the bearing’s inner or outer ring. Engineers must balance the level of protection with the desired operating characteristics, considering factors like friction, speed, and environmental conditions.

Overall, seals and shields play a vital role in maintaining the integrity and performance of ball bearings. By effectively preventing contaminants from entering and preserving lubrication, they ensure the smooth and reliable operation of machinery and equipment in a wide range of applications.

ball bearing

What are the Primary Benefits of Using Ball Bearings in Machinery and Equipment?

Ball bearings offer several primary benefits when used in machinery and equipment. Their design and functionality provide advantages that contribute to the efficient and reliable operation of various applications. Here are the key benefits:

  • Reduced Friction:

One of the primary benefits of ball bearings is their ability to minimize friction between moving parts. The rolling motion of the balls reduces the contact area and sliding friction, leading to smoother operation and less energy loss due to frictional heating.

  • Efficient Load Support:

Ball bearings are engineered to support both radial and axial loads, making them versatile for applications with multidirectional forces. This load-bearing capability allows machinery to handle different types of loads while maintaining performance and stability.

  • Smooth Rotation:

Ball bearings enable smooth and precise rotational movement. The rolling motion of the balls provides consistent motion with minimal resistance, ensuring that machinery operates smoothly and without jerks.

  • High-Speed Capability:

Due to their low friction and efficient rolling action, ball bearings are suitable for high-speed applications. They allow machinery and equipment to achieve and maintain high rotational speeds without excessive wear or heat buildup.

  • Reduced Wear and Maintenance:

The reduced friction in ball bearings leads to lower wear on components. This results in longer service intervals and reduced maintenance requirements, saving both time and maintenance costs.

  • Energy Efficiency:

By minimizing friction and reducing energy losses, ball bearings contribute to the overall energy efficiency of machinery. This is particularly important in applications where energy consumption is a concern.

  • Versatility:

Ball bearings come in various types, sizes, and configurations, allowing them to be used in a wide range of machinery and equipment. They can be customized to suit specific application requirements.

  • Reliability and Longevity:

Ball bearings are designed to withstand heavy loads and harsh operating conditions. Their durability and resistance to wear ensure reliable performance and an extended operational life.

  • Quiet Operation:

Ball bearings contribute to quiet machinery operation due to the smooth rolling motion of the balls. This is particularly important in applications where noise reduction is a consideration.

In summary, the primary benefits of using ball bearings in machinery and equipment include reduced friction, efficient load support, smooth rotation, high-speed capability, reduced wear and maintenance, energy efficiency, versatility, reliability, and quiet operation. These benefits collectively enhance the performance and longevity of machinery across various industries.

China wholesaler 6203zz RS Auto Part Motorcycle Spare Part Wheel Bearing 6200 Series Deep Groove Ball Bearing   connecting rod bearingChina wholesaler 6203zz RS Auto Part Motorcycle Spare Part Wheel Bearing 6200 Series Deep Groove Ball Bearing   connecting rod bearing
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